Quiksol电子分销与服务 2022-12-12 17:30

Penang, Malaysia

Here we go!▶▶▶


Driven by dream, 

and make extraordinary


Go to Penang with Quiksol!


From December 4th to December 7th, all Quiksol overseas teams met in Penang, Malaysia, and had a wonderful Trip!


On the Scene.


Success depends on partners, growth depends on rivals, achievement depends on the team. 

The Quiksol family closely united, having fun together, working together, and making a great success together.

Party Time

Dinner Time

Life is too short, so let’s have some fun now!

After eating, drinking and chatting, now it’s show time!

Quiksol team is full of talented people!


You don't believe it? Please enjoy:


After watching so many talent shows, do you know more about Quiksol team? This is us, a confident, open, enthusiastic and focused team!

We believe that a good company is a good university, where everyone is both a student and a teacher. 

Frankly Speaking,High-profile Work,Active Sharing,Fast Growing!


Award Time




"Last night stars and wind, Quiksol danced in Penang East. Overseas teams enjoyed warm drink, had a colorful summer night." - Alan Yan


The annual gathering of the Quiksol overseas teams ended among cheerful laughter, but our enthusiasm and joy will be with us now and forever.

We still remember the oath we made and ready to move on. Just let our life be more wonderful!

 The professional and focused team is the most  precious treasure of Quiksol!


Equality, simplicity, trust and inclusiveness!

The pace of life is fast, but sometimes we need to relax!


Quiksol overseas team building in Penang, Malaysia ended successfully!

Looking forward to being together with you in the next year!

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Quiksol电子分销与服务 QUIKSOL是一家新加坡背景的电子元器件混合型分销商,为全球电子工厂提供供应链服务,业务涉及分销、短缺、库存处理的全方位服务。 我们拥有一支阳光专业的团队,简单直接是我们的文化,关怀包容是我们的底蕴。
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