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Brands: Micron, Samsung, Hynix, Nanya, Kioxia, MXIC, Winbond, CPU, HDD

【Hot Point】

1. DDR3 series from Samsung, Micron and Nanya are close in price and have all reached all-time lows.

2. Nor flash manufacturers are bullish on the subsequent market, looking forward to a recovery after bottoming out.

3. Module and SSD inventory levels remain high, prices continue to fall, and demand is weak.

4. The demand for Intel Lan chips is low, and the price is present inverted down.

5. The CPU inventory is overstocked and most of the OEMs are dumping CPU products.

6. Intel network card demand is weak, shipments compared to last year significantly reduced.

7. HDD shipments showed an overall downward trend, with the main shipments concentrated in enterprise-level large-capacity hard disks.

1. DDR3 series from Samsung, Micron and Nanya are close in price and have all reached all-time lows

As for DRAM, there was no Indian summer after the Chinese Spring Festival, and demand continued to decline. It still faces a severe imbalance between supply and demand, and prices are expected to stabilize in the second quarter. Demand for consumer products has remained weak recently, most manufacturers tried to raise the offer tentatively due to the strong will on price upturn, but which were remain the falling prices. Prices for Samsung, Micron and Nanya 4Gb DDR3 keep falling down slightly, with prices around $US1.10, well below historic lows. With low inventory levels in the market and some traders starting to stock up, we can continue to pay attention to the trend of it. 2Gb DDR3 market price fluctuates around US$1.00. Compared with 4Gb, 2Gb has no obvious advantage in price, so the demand continues to weaken, and more customers consider using 4Gb capacity. As for Hynix, there are some special prices in the DDR3 market. It is said that DDR3 production is planned to be EOL, and the supply will be reduced in the future. Now that prices are low, we could consider set up some safety inventory.

2. Nor flash manufacturers are bullish on the subsequent market, looking forward to a recovery after bottoming out

For Micron, the supply side feedback of Nor flash demand is still strong, the delivery time has been extended, even more than 40 weeks for some models. But the market side feedback is not so good, customers with demand can talk about it in detail. Windond and MXIC, the price of Nor flash has basically reached the bottom, and it is not expected to be significantly reduced in the future. Manufacturers are optimistic about the subsequent market, and we can properly set up some safety inventory. For Cypress, automotive Nor flash remains in short supply and spot market prices remain high. But common parts are in plentiful supply and prices have come down.

3. Module and SSD inventory levels remain high, prices continue to fall, and demand is weak

As Dram prices continue to fall, module prices continue to fall as well. There is still significant inventory pressure in the first half of the year and upstream supply side have a higher desire to clear their stock. PC module due to the deep decline, the price has been at a very low position, small fluctuations recently, and the demand is weak. As the inventory level of server module is still high, prices continue to fall, demand is very weak, it is difficult to improve in the short term. There is still a price gap between DDR5 module and DDR4 module, but due to low demand, prices are expected to continue to fall. Recently the demand for SSD is very weak, and the price drops slightly. Customers will only place the order according to the actual demand. Low capacity demand is becoming less and less, and demand is gradually shifting to high capacity.

4. The demand for Intel Lan chips is low, and the price is present inverted down

The IOTG product Ethernet Controller which became a hot part in the past 1year, has finally been put on hold recently. The goods from Intel manufactory have come out one after another, the big OEM customers and FDs also have got the goods ordered before. However, since Intel raised the official price at the beginning of October, most of the order prices of Lan chips were higher, but the accepted price of the customers was still very low. Recently also due to the demand is weak, leading to some of the previous red material items prices have fallen again and again. The price of most item from FD side is higher than the market price. For example, the item NHI350AM4, FD channel price is US$28, but the market order price is US$25 around. Recently the shortage item most focus on H510, the normal price of this item is US$21, but now the customer has big quantity demand, so the market price raising up to US$29 even more than that, however the customer TP is keep around US$25.

5. The CPU inventory is overstocked and most of the OEMs are dumping CPU products

In terms of CPU, the overall demand is relatively weak, and the PC market is in a loss shipment state. No matter for the mainstream CPU or some old CPU items, the price has been falling all the way. Server CPU prices are also falling all the way down, there are some Stockholders are clearing inventory. Overall, from last year to this year, many factories has overstock, in order to recover funds, they offered many stocks to the market. For the notebook and embedded CPU, the piece of the market is relatively slightly active, whether it is EOL or some new popular items, the market has many orders. Like i5-1135G7, the customer demand is large, the supply situation is relatively stable, some of the goods are from major OEM manufacturers, the price is relatively better than the channel. However, compared with some old models, such as I5-7200U and I5-7300U, Intel has cancelled the special price of these old items. Moreover, the delivery time of these orders now will be longer, which will take 3-4 weeks, and the price will remain high.

6. Intel network card demand is weak, shipments compared to last year significantly reduced

Intel's network card shipments have been relatively stable in the past two years, and there was a period of out of stock during year 2021 and 2022, such as I350T4V4 and I350T2V2, which are relatively general and conventional models. I350T2V2 was said to be discontinued before, but recently Intel officially announced that it would not be discontinued, and it can continue to be supplied if customers have future demands. In terms of price, from this year's overall market, network card prices are affected by the server market, prices are continuing to fall, and the overall demand is weak, customers is not willing to buying. Anyone who needs this kind of products can talk about it in detail.

7. HDD shipments showed an overall downward trend, with the main shipments concentrated in enterprise-level large-capacity hard disks.

Overall, HDD shipments have been showing a downward trend. From the perspective of the supply side, enterprise-grade HDD remained relatively stable, although the recent enterprise HDD, monitoring HDD, mobile HDD have been shipped, but the most shipments of HDD is still concentrated in the large-capacity enterprise level, especially 12TB, 16TB & 18TB. The price is relatively stable. The shipping price of 16TB is about US$215, and the shipping price of 18TB is about US$260. There are also more shipments of other capacities below 10TB, such as 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB are being shipped one after another.

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  • 低温型产品概述:霍尔效应测试仪由电磁铁、电磁铁电源、高精度恒流源、高精度电压表、霍尔效应样品支架、标准样品、高低温杜瓦,控温仪,系统软件组成。为本仪器系统专门研制的JH10效应仪将恒流源,六位半微伏表及霍尔测量复杂的切换继电器——开关组装成一体,大大减化了实验的连线与操作。JH10可单独做恒流源、微伏表使用。用途:用于测量半导体材料的载流子浓度、迁移率、电阻率、霍尔系数等重要参数,而这些参数是了解半导体材料电学特性必须预先掌控的,因此霍尔效应测试系统是理解和研究半导体器件和半导体材料电学特性必*
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  • 前段时间出了接近一个月的差,没来得及及更新试用报告,有点不好意思,今天抽空过来写一下自己的看书的心得以及对于整个书籍的一些认知和看法,希望对大家能够有一定的帮助,也希望可以和大家一起探讨进步。以前自己都是使用的Altium Designer做开发设计的,大学的时候就开始接触,作为个人爱好延续至今,对于PADS也是有所耳闻,只是一直没有机会来了解,根据我个人的经验来看,按照以前使用Altium 的经验来说,PADS设计指南 无论说是从流程步骤上以及类容的细致程度上都还是很不错的,从设计流程、原理图
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  • 近年来,伴随着智慧化港口的大潮流,经纬恒润L4高级别智能驾驶业务产品也陆续扎根港口自动驾驶多个项目中,帮助港口实现无人水平运输自动化,达到降本增效的效果,助力客户实现智慧化绿色港口。   在整个港口水平运输场景中,经纬恒润提供了端到端的车、路、网、云、图全栈式自研解决方案,包含自动驾驶系统、路侧车路协同、基于5G网络的远程遥控驾驶、车队调度管理平台、数字孪生、仿真系统、高精地图等专业模块,组成了一套完整的智慧港口解决方案。本篇专门介绍其中的自动驾驶系统。  
    hirain 2023-06-09 11:29 189浏览
  • 苹果如何重新定义AR?在如今以智能手机为主的消费电子市场下行阶段,市场急需开辟一个新的领域带来新的增长点,以往被寄予厚望的VR/AR等头显设备在经历了数年发展后,依旧难堪大任,业界都把希望寄托在苹果身上。简单来说,Vision Pro本质上其实还是VR设备,不过所有操作界面可以结合头显摄像头捕捉的外界环境,在头显内部显示出来,即一款数字内容无缝融入真实世界的VR显示设备。同时Vision Pro的操作方式无需手柄,完全通过眼睛、双手和语音,通过苹果为Vision Pro打造的空间操作系统Visi
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